Avoid the Awkwardness: Easy Ways to Successfully Set Boundaries with Grandparents (and Keep your Sanity)

Whether you are a new parent, or a seasoned one there is one thing we have all come into contact with.... well meaning grandparents. Usually they want to know how your doing, or how to help, but it can really end up sounding more like a string of questions, opinions and judgments. You want to keep a great relationship with them, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming! So, what is the key to creating a healthy, happy relationship for everyone? Boundaries!

I’m not here to tell you HOW to parent, but rather to help you and your partner create boundaries that empower your parenting without disrupting your relationships. However, setting those boundaries does not have to be stressful. Here’s 4 steps to setting powerful boundaries: 

  1. Know your values and get clear with your partner’s values. This is the core of YOUR parenting.
  2. Talk with your partner about how you can support one another.
  3. Know what triggers you and be proactive rather than reactive in...
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The Four Principles of Positive Parenting

Parenting is HARD! There – I said it!

Yep, sometimes it can feel like a downright disaster! I’m here to tell you that no one comes through this experience unscathed. Without planning to, I personally traveled down the road with all the potholes and dead-end signs. I am a parent, a step-parent, and a grandparent, and I have come to learn that creating an environment of communication and connection is essential to maneuvering your own bumpy road. You know what? I still don’t have all the answers, but I will tell you a little secret…I discovered a way for parents to unlock their own greatness and truly help their children discover their own. While I can’t give it all away, I can give you the four most basic skills to make it a little bit easier! 

Consciousness: If you’re reading this, I bet you’re saying “Well, I’d have to be conscious to even be here!” While I totally agree with that, I’m talking about going a...

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As Parents, it's inevitable that we have to help our kids weather "The Storm" of conflict!

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