Bringing Abundance to the Holidays

Less is more, right? But when is more, better? When it comes to clutter, less is DEFINITELY more! But abundance…well more is ALWAYS better!

Many of us think of abundance as having a lot of everything; material or otherwise. But what if abundance wasn’t so much about what you have, but the value you place on what you have?

In that case, abundance might look a little different. Take a moment and look around you…what do you see in your life that brings meaning? I mean, real, true, meaning. I look around my home and I see people…people who mean EVERYTHING to me. That’s abundance to me…I see all the things that I need; food, a warm home, comfy clothes, and even things that I like, such as my favorite books or the things in I’ve collected my home that have special meaning to me.

These things may not be important to someone else, and that’s okay. Not everyone is going to like the way I’ve arranged my home or the dishes I put on my...

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Parenting is HARD!!

There – I said it! Yep, sometimes it can feel like a downright disaster! I’m here to tell you that no one comes through this experience unscathed. And without planning to, I personally traveled down the road with all the potholes and dead-end signs.

You know what? I still don’t have all the answers, but I will tell you a little secret…I discovered a way for parents to unlock their own greatness and truly help their children discover their own.

Through the great work of parenting gurus like Diana Baumrind, John Gottman, Haim Ginott, and many others, I started to connect some dots that weren’t apparent to me before. Those dots became a roadmap that ultimately leads to greater parent/child relationships without the judgment and one size fits all advice we all get thrown at us!

Game Plan Parenting was created to help ANY parent design their own family playbook. The knowledge and awareness you gain in these six modules will help you develop deeper...

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As Parents, it's inevitable that we have to help our kids weather "The Storm" of conflict!

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