Foolproof Ways to Create An Abundance Mindset with your Kids

Less is more, right? But when is more, better? When it comes to clutter, less is DEFINITELY more! But when it comes to abundance…well more is ALWAYS better! Many of us think of abundance as having a lot of everything; material or otherwise. But... what if abundance wasn’t so much about what you have, but the value you place on what you have?

Also, here’s the real question… What IS abundance, why is it great for parenting, and who is abundance’s negative nelly cousin Scarcity? (Newsflash, he can TOTALLY derail your abundance mindset!) And HOW can we help grow abundance in your family??

So let’s get down to brass tacks. Abundance is knowing and trusting there is always enough. With an attitude of abundance you have a sense of purpose, feeling of well-being and are constantly expressing and living gratitude. This sets the stage for ‘win-win’ opportunities!

So who is this Scarcity we talk about, then? Scarcity is Abundance’s not so...

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