Why Mindfulness Is THE #1 Tool Moms Need for Self-Care

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2020

Happy New Year Mommas! Have you made your lists of intentions/goals/resolutions? Whatever you call them – we all make ‘em, and we all break ‘em!

Did you include self-care on your list for 2020?

As moms, we are so conditioned to put others first and if there’s any bit of strength left at the end of the day, (which there isn’t!) you might get to it…or not. And when does that happen? When your head hits the pillow in exhaustion. Okay, I’ll give you that…sleep is great self-care. However, there is so much more…so, so much more.

If there’s one MUST HAVE for your 2020 list, it is mindfulness. Yep, mindfulness is the key to your very best self-care. In fact, it is THE very thing you need in order to get deeply in touch with what YOU need. Self-care is not the same for everyone and the only way you can find out what you need is to tune in deeply to yourself, and mindfulness is your channel.

When we practice mindfulness, we attend to our whole self; mind, body, emotions, spirit, and being. It’s not a to do list to check off, but rather a way of being that enhances your whole life experience.

Mindfulness is present moment awareness, with acceptance and without judgment.

Why Mindfulness?

There has been a huge explosion of research on how mindfulness practices can change both the structure and functioning of our brains as well as how it can improve many areas of our lives. There are 3 components of mindfulness: awareness, present experience, and acceptance.The best way to develop a sense of mindfulness is through practice. Most of the time our minds are NOT in the present moment. We spend way too much time lost in the troubles of the past or in frantic worries of the future.

How can Mindfulness Help?

Life is messy – for everyone! Everything changes, but we’re rarely prepared.
We allow the habit of comparing ourselves to others to determine our self-esteem. Mindfulness allows us to look inward rather than outward – it promotes the ability to ‘savor’ the moment.

It helps us to connect with a world outside of ourselves – where we recognize that we are part of something much larger than ourselves.

When we become more mindful of our own experience, we tend to look at others with less judgment and more understanding for the struggles they too, face. And in that awareness, we feel more connected to one another.
We become less compulsive, responding rather than reacting – all of which have a direct impact on all our relationships.

Don’t worry…I’m not going to leave you hanging…I’m going to help you take care of YOU! Click HERE to get in on the FREE 5 Day Mindfulness Challenge right to your inbox to help you get started! Happy New Year Mommas!!! XXOO Mary Ann


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