New Beginnings...

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2018

Remember last week I told you that we were starting a new Christmas tradition in our family? Well, now I can share that my husband and I decided to write a “Christmas Love Letter” to each of our children and our granddaughter. We wanted to share with them all the things we love about them but don’t always have a chance to say. The intention was to just share…no expectations, and with absolutely no need to get anything in return.

So, on Christmas morning, they each opened their envelope and silently read what we wrote. And one by one, they received the gift of what was on our hearts and thanked us, some with a little mist in their eyes and some with a smile. Quite unexpectedly though, we did get something in return; a marvelous sense of time literally stopping as we shared that moment together…what a rare and beautiful gift!

How easily we forget how fast time can go by. Being a parent of adult children can really make you reflect more deeply on how fast it does go and see how, just maybe, all those power struggles and all out battles weren’t so big after all. Without realizing it at the time, when things seemed to be at their worst, our kids were actually giving US the gifts WE needed to grow as a family and become who we all are today. I’m not going to say we did spectacularly…not even close, but we did do the best we could at the time with what we knew, and when we knew better, we tried again.

I’m so proud of each one of our children and grateful for all those gifts they shared over the years. I’m also hoping that you get to “stop in the moment” a little more, taking time to focus on what really matters the most. Just know, it’s never too late, so here’s to making many wonderful beginnings in the coming year and beyond!!! Cheers!



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