If only it were that simple...

Nothing about parenting is simple. Every day brings about new challenges, new opportunities, and new messes, so simplifying our lives can be the biggest challenge of all! We’ve become a society where being super busy is a high-level virtue, but is that really what we want or even need?

Research says that when we get out of balance, we suffer from all the signs of stress. Emotional, physical and mental breakdowns occur, and we find ourselves spinning around but not quite getting anywhere. And, we get so numb to those feelings, we think it’s normal.

We all want the very best for our kids, but what if that’s become just too much? The secret to getting to a place of balance is about stepping back and taking a great big look at what is “over-complicating” our lives and the lives of our kids. In Module 5 of Game Plan Parenting, we get to the heart of what that looks like, with the goal of strengthening ourselves and our families. We’ll learn how simplification, balance and developing a rhythm can take the stress out of your family’s life…because it really is that simple!




As Parents, it's inevitable that we have to help our kids weather "The Storm" of conflict!

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