Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is…

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2018

Christmas is the time when kids get to ask for things they want. Okay…that’s pretty much all year long, right? But what if you took this opportunity to turn the “ask” into something that could really reinforce what you and your family values and at the same time give them the things you know are a little more special to your kids.

Ads around the holidays are filled with “shiny things” that we want to jump right on believing they will make us SO happy. I’m not just talking about kids, we adults do it too! What’s one thing you can name that is popular right now that you just want to have?

Ever wonder why little kids love the boxes better than the toys? It’s because that box represents ALL the possibilities of play and not just one, focused activity. In fact, too much stuff can really put a damper on a child’s ability to explore their abundant imaginations. So, what would it be like to create a shopping list that not only offers expansive possibilities, but reinforces your values and all that means the most to your family…Here are some suggestions on how to choose those precious gifts for your precious gifts:

  • One thing they can learn from
  • One thing to read
  • One thing they’re excited about
  • One thing you can do together as a family together (game, trip, event, etc.)
  • One thing that shows your love for one another

And remember, this is about tuning into what really brings meaning and value to your family. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, or whatever your family celebrates…It really is all about being together and celebrating as a family!!


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