After all, they are our own little miracles....

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2018

Sometimes it seems like our little miracles are more like little curses. Do you ever find yourself wondering what happened? No shame or judgment here! Whether we like to admit it or not, we’ve ALL had these same thoughts!

Want to know what happens? LIFE – that’s what happens! Stress at work, at home, at school, all around us. We all have our own way of experiencing and processing it – parents and children alike. When we’re at our best, we do our best, but sometimes it’s just…so…hard.

Let’s face it, even families with stellar relationships and top-notch communication skills struggle from time to time. The key to getting through it all is learning how to weather the storm, because the storm will come and you want to be prepared to come in for the clean-up with your very best tools. Game Plan Parenting is about establishing a firm foundation of awareness and high-level relationship skills in order to move through even the toughest storms and become stronger and more connected as a family.


As Parents, it's inevitable that we have to help our kids weather "The Storm" of conflict!

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